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Get The “Capitals and Colour Blending Masterclass” Now And Get 5 Huge Bonuses For FREE!


The “Capitals and Colour Blending” Masterclass ($397 Value)

Our Brush Calligraphy Workshop gives you a good firm foundation on the basics to kickstart your creative brush calligraphy journey. These Masterclass training videos (which you can watch at your convenience at the private membership site) are a STEP UP from the basics, where we will target specifically on the Capital Letters of the alphabet and Colour Blending skills, for your practice and application in written quotes.

Learning brush calligraphy is not a one-time skill that we can pick up immediately. It is an on-going journey of mindful practice and writing with the right techniques. It will take time and a lot of refining to get it to where you want it to be, but it is certainly possible!

You will discover

Principles of Letterforms

The principles on how to write Upper Case CAPITALS A to Z so that you can write confidently for quotes/messages

Techniques on Colour Blending

The techniques on how to do COLOUR BLENDING with ease so that you can incorporate colours beautifully in your quotes/messages

Skills to Connect Alphabets

The skills to connect alphabets confidently and practise writing so that you can develop your own style of writing

This is NOT Just Theory...

This is the same process that I used for my Brush Calligraphy in the last 6 years to create meaningful customised pieces for various brands, companies and individuals.

And if you join us for this Masterclass today, we’ll also include some bonuses to help you make your brush calligraphy journey easier.

Here Are The 5 Bonuses That You’ll Be Getting For FREE:

(in digital format from Private Membership Site)

Bonus #1:

3 meaningful Quote Templates for your graduation piece or own practice to build confidence in doing up your own compositions. (3 x $69 = $207 Value)

Bonus #2:

Over-my-shoulder writing of the 3 meaningful quotes so that you can refer to them easily and have the option of writing all the quotes at your own pace and time. ($69 Value)

Bonus #3:

Practice Guide Sheets for the Upper Case CAPITALS ‘A to Z’ (with detailed strokes shown) so that you can re-print unlimited copies for your own practice! ($47 Value)

Bonus #4:

Practice Guide Sheets for ‘January to December’ so that you can build muscle memory on connecting alphabets. ($47 Value)

Bonus #5:

Template of the Colour Blending Chart so that you will have a clearer idea how the colours look like on paper vs on the palette. ($57 Value)

You will get LIFETIME access to the MASTERCLASS Training Videos and 5 Bonuses in the Private Membership Site so that you can watch at your own convenience!

Access will be given to you within 3 working days AFTER our Brush Calligraphy virtual workshop.

You will receive an email from GrooveMember to log into the Membership Site to view the content.

Total Value = $824

Right now, I would like to offer this Masterclass to you at this very special offer because we have just launched this for only…

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING That You’ll Get When You Upgrade Your Order Right Now!

  • The “Capitals and Colour Blending” MASTERCLASS training videos ($397 VALUE)

  • 3 Meaningful Quote Templates for your Graduation Piece ($207 VALUE)

  • Over-my-shoulder Writing of the 3 Meaningful Quotes ($69 VALUE)

  • Practice Guide Sheets for the Upper Case CAPITALS ‘A to Z’ ($47 VALUE)

  • Practice Guide Sheets for ‘January to December’ ($47 VALUE)

  • Template of the Colour Blending Chart ($57 VALUE)

  • Total Value = $824

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